So You're One of the Cool Kids, Huh?

So You're One of the Cool Kids, Huh?

What's up my lil scallions?

I hope you're all doing well, but if you're not, might I offer you an egg in these trying times? (IYKYK 🤣)

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to get more eyes on Onion Child, because let's face it, people can't buy something they don't know exists, and I think we might've cracked a code. That being said, I am instituting an ✨Ambassador Program✨. 

Now, you might be wondering, "what's in it for me?" and the answer to that question is simple. In exchange for promotion you will receive a 10% discount code, along with early access to and input regarding new merch. You will added to a database for my own personal record for Birthday Cards, AND, whichever ambassador generates the most sales will be awarded a $50 Visa Gift Card at the end of the quarter.

So, what are the actual requirements for becoming an Onion Child/Momo The Poet ambassador? There are three very simple requirements. First, your social media account has to be public. As much as I enjoy being shrouded in mystery, I have to be vulnerable for the sake of being understood. (That's a BAR, don't steal it. 🤣) Secondly, you'll have to apply, at, but don't worry, there are only three questions to respond to! Lastly, ambassadors must be 16 or older. In my poetry, I talk about some adult themes, so I need the ambassadors to be a little more seasoned.

Requirements aside, I want to give you, the Ambassadors, creative liberty over how you promote. Reposting links, making TikTok's, sharing to your Instagram story, whatever platform you use, is promotion. I also want you to be honest. If you like something great, if you don't, let me know why! Lastly, this is on a volunteer basis. You are NOT locked into a contract, so if you don't feel connected to Onion Child you are not obligated to keep sharing. 

If you've got any questions, please feel free to message me on my social media (@momothepoet) or send an email to

Talk to you soon.



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