So The Secret Is Out of The Bag!

So The Secret Is Out of The Bag!

What's up everybody? So last week, a top secret project was announced. The big reveal? On April 24, 2024, a trip to Brooklyn to record at Leesta Vall Records! Exciting, right? But here's the twist - you get to be a part of it! How? By choosing one of three poems to be recorded on a custom vinyl just for you.

What's the Deal?

Here's the scoop - you have the chance to pick one of three poems for a personalized vinyl recording. Each record is unique, made just for you. No duplicates here! Plus, one of the poems has never been performed before, making it a super rare find. How cool is that?

How Can You Get One?

It's easy peasy! Just follow the link provided ( and select the poem you want to be recorded. Simple as that! You'll have a one-of-a-kind vinyl with a poem that speaks to you, ready to be enjoyed whenever you want.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of unique art. Choose your favorite poem and let the magic of vinyl recording bring it to life. It's a chance to own something truly special and exclusive. Get your hands on a custom vinyl recording today!

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